Back Pain : Edinburgh osteopath Helen How is experienced in treating back pain

Osteopathy can be used as part of Pain Management Treatment for :

What is meant by the term Pain Management?

The term pain management is used to describe the ways in which long term or chronic pain can be alleviated allowing sufferers to regain a measure of independence, gain relief from pain and improve mobility.

What is the definition of Long Term or Chronic Pain?

Medicine defines pain as one of two types.

Acute or Short-Term Pain is pain which has begun recently (with the last three months)
Long Term or Chronic Pain is defined as being pain which has lasted for three months or more.

What Causes Long Term Pain?

The causes of long term pain are varied. In some cases long term pain is due to a pre-existing medical condition such as arthritis. Alternatively, long term pain can be caused by a condition which medical science does not yet fully understand such as back pain. In some cases long-term pain is caused by a malfunction in the body’s pain system.  The Electromagnetic Therapy which Helen has now available is Magnetic Waves that are safe work on the cellular level so that your cell`s natural abilities to produce cellular anti inflammatory processes which reduce your pain, swelling and enable better mobility and movement

The Role of Osteopathy in Pain Management Treatments

With nearly thirty years experience as an Osteopath Helen How is experienced in diagnosing and treating cases of long term and chronic pain. Although Osteopathic techniques cannot cure long term pain; the holistic approach of Osteopathy means that it is often extremely effective when administered as part of a Pain Management Treatment program and it can be extremely successful in reducing tissue inflamation The Storz Medical Magnetolith which Helen has been had available from May 2020 is proving to be much more beneficial in combination with appropriate rehabiliation  Here is the link to the Magnetolith as the list is too long to be included in on this page

Depending upon the diagnosis, a number of different osteopathic techniques and treatments may be used. These may include massage of muscles and connective tissues to reduce inflammation, gentle manipulation of joints and stretches. These treatments are designed to reduce muscle spasms, ease swelling and increase joint flexibility.