Chronic Prostatitis (CPPS)

Also known as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome or CPPS, Chronic (long-lasting) Prostatitis is one of the most common forms of prostatitis. Characterised by persistent pain, it is estimated that 90-95% of all men diagnosed with prostatitis have this form of the complaint. Research has shown that treatment using Focused Shockwave Therapy has a high success rate in treating Chronic Prostatitis.

About Chronic Prostatitis

What is Chronic Prostatitis?

The most common type of Prostatitis, it is thought that around 19 out of 20 men diagnosed with prostatitis suffer from it. The National Institute of Health (NICE) guidelines define chronic prostatitis as chronic pelvic pain which has lasted for 3 out of the preceding 6 months.

Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis vary between individuals but it is a generally characterised by a constant ache and pain or discomfort in the lower back, pubic area, genitals, anal area and inner thighs. Those suffering from Chronic Prostatitis may also experience sexual discomfort and disfunction such as ED. Pain and discomfort while urinating and bowel problems such as bloating and diarrhoea are also symptomatic of Chronic Prostatitis.

What Causes Chronic Prostatitis?

Causes of Chronic Prosatitis are varied and can be both physical, pyschological or a combination of both.

The exact cause of Chronic Prostatitis is unknown but unlike other forms of prostatitis it is not caused by a bacterial infection. Research suggests that Chronic Prostatitis may be caused by a multitude of factors. These include previous infections in and around the prostate, urine entering the prostate, undiagnosed infections, neurological problems, problems with the pelvic floor.

Stress, anxiety and depression have also been found to trigger flare-ups of CPPS. Some research also suggests that Chronic Fatigue and IBS can also play a part in the causes of Chronic Prostatitis.

How Does Focused Shockwave Therapy Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

Focused Shockwave Therapy is a safe and clinically proven treatment for Chronic Prostatitis. The treatment is drug-free, non-invasive, and has a high rate of success in treating CPPS.

During the treatment, high energy acoustic soundwaves are directed at the affected areas. These waves penetrate deep into the tissue and work by reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow, promoting tissue and stimulating the body’s own healing process. Symptoms associated with Chronic Prostatitis such as ED have also responded well to Focused Shockwaves Therapy.

Is Focused Shockwave Therapy Effective in Treating Chronic Prostatitis?

Research* has shown that Focused Shockwave Therapy has been proven to improve the symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis. 

Because Chronic Prostatitis can only be diagnosed after other disorders and forms of Prostatitis have been ruled out, it is imperative that a diagnosis of Chronic Prostatitis is made by a qualified medical professional before embarking on any treatment. Private referrals can be arranged upon request. Please note that the How Clinic reserves the right to refuse treatment if they think that it would not beneficial.

As one of the first osteopaths in Scotland to use Focus Shockwave Therapy, Helen How has been fully trained and is experienced in the use of Focused Shockwave Therapy as a treatment for Chronic Prostatitis.

To book your appointment for Focused Shockwave Therapy please contact osteopath Helen How by email or telephone 0131 551 1044.

* Research into effects of Shockwave Therapy when Treating Chronic Prostatitis ( National Library of Medicine August 2021)

Efficacy of Focused Shockwave Therapy in Treating Chronic Prostatitis (Urology Herald Oct 2022).

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