Edinburgh Osteopath Helen How has been treating patients at the How Clinic Edinburgh for 35 years
CoronaVirus Guidelines

January 2021  The Institute of Osteopathy updates the Osteopaths as soon as updates in the Covid 19 Governance for Scotland, England Wales and North Ireland

Scottish Osteopaths such as Helen are all permitted to be open and provide Face to Face Consultations as well as Telehealth Remote Consultation over the phone or Zoom in which Helen can send out personal individual exercises both on via Physitract Video Clips and What`s App encrypted messaging.

Below in the Pre screen Form by the Institute of Osteopathy which can be printed off and filled before attending coming for those with printers

Pre-screen-form-for-COVID-19-interactive-September-20 2

Considering all of the information which is regularly updated by the Scottish Government       do you feel that you are happy to attend clinic for a face to face consultation at this time?

  1. Yes I understand the risks and am happy to attend the clinic
  2. Possible but I would like to speak to Helen to discuss my situation prior to attending the clinic or send Helen an email (helenfhow@gmail.com)
  3. No, I would rather have a telephone appointment with exercises sent remotely
  4. No, I would rather not attend clinic at this time

Face-to-face osteopathic consultations with PPE and deep hygiene cleaning including the use of a Disinfectant Fine Mist Fogger Spray with BAC Disinfectant This is dependent upon current on government guidelines and may change at short notice. There is a Covid Triage questionnaire checklist which changes according to government guidelines

Imaging and medical investigations are essential  Multidisplinery Multimodal  sometimes one can arrange a Private MRI Scan or Diagnostic Ultra Sound before one can attend Helen Alternatively arranged by a GP or Consultant   Appropriate diagnosis can be required before any Focused Radial or EMTT treatment to exclude other pathologies red or yellow flags 

Common  MKS Pathologies  Treated at the How Clinic Include:

  • Back Pain & Lower Back Pain
  • Neck pain with exercises
  • Knee Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injuries
  • Mild to Moderate Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pregnancy related MKS
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Low Back Pain with mild nerve entrapment
  • Stiff  Shoulder
  • Achilles Tendinopathy rehabilation
  • Patella Tendinopathy
  • Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tendinpathy
  • Hip Discomfort
  • Groin MKS Pain and tendinopathy
  • Tennis Elbow rehabilation and tendinopathy
  • Golfers Elbow

Edinburgh osteopath Helen How has been sucessfully treating patients from all
Walks of lifecat the How Osteopathic Clinic (Trinity, Edinburgh) for nearly 30 years.
Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, Helen combines the latest advances in osteopathy with a gentle patient-centred approach to diagnosis and treatment. This ensures that osteopathic treatment at the How Osteopathic Clinic Edinburgh is suitable for a wide-range of conditions including; back pain, neck pain, sports injury, arthritis and rheumatism and repetitive strain injury.

Treatment at the How Osteopathic Clinic is tailored to the individual and will depend upon the symptoms and condition of the patient. As an experienced osteopath Helen will often use a combination of osteopathic techniques including, Traditional Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Ultrasound and Shockwave Therapy. Helen is part of the Vennhealth Care Shockwave and EMTT   Tutor Team 

Helen How : Osteopathic Training & Certification

Trained by the European School of Osteopathy Helen combines the hands on principles and techniques of palpatation and tonal progression and uses traditional osteopathic techniques such as Myofascial Unwinding as taught by Professor John Upledger, Robert Lever and Harold Klug at the European School of Osteopathy. Other osteopathic techniques utilised by Helen include; General Osteopathic Treatment Specific Adjusting Techniques , Soft Tissue Techniques and myofascial release.  Helen can now integrate these Osteopathic approaches with for those who wish with pain relief and regeneration therapy using shockwaves and or Electromagnetic Therapy. Helen has been to Switzerland and uses Storz Medical Focus and Radial Shockwaves and the  Magnetolith, Electromagnetic Therapy


Here is a recent Focus Shockwave article

Osteopathic Research & Comittment to Continous Professional Development

As a practising osteopath Helen is particularly interested in the changes to our bodily structure and the health issues created created by the increasingly sedentary lifestyles we lead. Her research into and further training on muscular skeletal disorders such as tense fibrotic muscles and muscle degeneration has led to the integration of modern osteopathic techniques into her treatments and she is fully trained in the use of Electrotherapy, NMES and Ultrasound. Helen is one of the few non-NHS osteopathic clinics in Scotland to be certified to give Shockwave Therapy as part of her osteopathic practice at the How Clinic in Edinburgh. Helen also now has Magnetolith Therapy which has a long treatment handle permitting social distancing treatments.


A thorough current continual updates with Webinars, Clincial Resources, Hand outs Educational Questionaires are Key to good understanding and outcomes Here is one of the many Courses .This course is from PhysioTutors 

Helen is the author of a popular blog about osteopathy “Osteopath Edinburgh” in which she details the latest advances in osteopathic treatments as well as writing articles about how to maintain your health and wellbeing. You can read Helen’s blog at www.osteopath-edinburgh.com/