Some of the conditions which respond successfully to Osteopathy during pregnancy:

Why can Osteopathy help during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy your body undergoes enormous physical, emotional and hormonal changes over a fairly short period of time. These changes take place to accomodate the growing baby but often impose strain upon the organs, tissues, ligaments and joints which may lead to an increase in aches and pains. The additional pressure on joints and muscles within the spine and pelvis as well as the position of the baby may also lead to difficulties in sleeping, digestion and pain when standing or sitting.

How can Osteopathic Treatment Help with Discomfort During Pregnancy?

Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help to alleviate physical discomfort such as back pain or lower back pain, sciatica and neuralgia. In addition, it can also reduce other common problems associated with pregnancy; morning sickness or nausea, difficulty in breathing,

Treatment during pregnancy varies depending upon the individual and the unique changes occuring in the body of each patient but there are a number of osteopathic techniques which may be used to support muscles and ligaments, improve posture, prevent nausea and help relaxation. Breathing techniques and exercises to improve pelvic and abdominal flexibility and maintain your wellbeing throughout your pregnancy may also be given.

Is Osteopathic Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

Because osteopathy is non-invasive, drug free and gentle it is very suitable as a treatment during pregnancy and most patients find it very relaxing.

Some of the common osteopathic treatments used during pregnancy include cranial osteopathy and gentle modern osteopathic treatments such as vibrotherapy. Each of these treatments is designed to correct and realign a different aspect of the body’s mechanical structure enabling the body to stimulate its own healing processes and helping to ensure the health and wellbeing of yourself and your baby.

Your osteopath Helen How will also refer you to your doctor should she feel that this is necessary and where a pregnancy has specific medical requirements Helen will work with your GP or consultant to create a personalised programme which may include osteopathic treatment, breathing techniques and gentle exercise.

Is it Beneficial to Visit an Osteopath After Giving Birth?

Some women also find it beneficial to visit an osteopath after birth. This has multiple benefits; any remaining strains or misalignments in the body which have occurred as a result of either pregnancy or labour can be corrected, allowing you to quickly regain your strength and flexibility and ensuring that your body is best equipped to regain its pre-pregnancy suppleness.