Vibrotherapy can be particularly successful when used as part of osteopathic treatment for:

  • Bronchial Disorders
  • Circulatory problems
  • Odemas
  • RSI & Workplace Problems
  • Cellulitis
  • Sprains and Stiffness
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Lumbago

What is Vibrotherapy?

Vibrotherapy Or micro vibrations owing to the pumping effect of micro vibrations are used to support circulation of nutrients, oxygen and blood cells and enhances the important removal of metabolic waste products and toxins in the capillaries and the institutional space.  For overtime, an increasing amount of cellular waste products and toxins accumulate in the extra cellular matrix and interstitial space and slow down or even block the metabolic processes. Injuries, continuous strain and mental stress exacerbate the clogging of the extracellular matrix. This inhibits the exchange of substances and reduces the physiological tissue vibrations.

How does Vibrotherapy Work?

Vibrotherapy uses low frequency vibrations which are applied to the skin via a Vibrotherapy machine. Similar to a TENS machine, the vibrations are used by your osteopath to gently massage and manipulate the soft tissue of the body, relaxing the muscles and increasing blood supply to the afflicted area. The nervous and muscular system is also stimulated and circulation is enhanced, promoting a sense of wellbeing and stimulating the healing process. The relaxation process also facilitates gentle manipulation and realignment if this is beneficial to your symptoms.

What is Vibrotherapy used to treat?

Vibrotherapy is used to treat a range of symptoms and disorders, including recent or old sprains, repetitive strain injury, neuralgia, sciatica, circulatory disorders and rheumatism and arthritis. Vibrotherapy may also be used to relieve bronchial disorders. Vibrotherapy can be particularly successful in treating post-traumatic stiffness following immobility such as a break, fracture or torticollis.

Researchers found out that these micro-vibrations play a crucial role in the physiological processes that take place within the musculoskeletal system.Micro vibrations are produced by the skeletal muscles and are transmitted to the surrounding tissue. In addition to the stabilising the bodies temperature physiological vibrations are all a decisive importance to the metabolic activity and the cellular unit renewal

Biomechanical Tissue  Stimulation