Osteopathy & Children

Edinburgh Osteopath Helen How uses gentle non-invasive osteopathic techniques including cranial osteopathy on babies and children to alleviate musculoskeletal and other birth related disorders including glue ear and restlessness.

Osteopathy & Children

Why is Osteopathy for Children & Babies Effective?

In order to adapt to the pressure and forces exerted upon it during labour, an infant’s skull allows for a slight amount of movement. Complications such as premature birth, traumatic labour or a forceps delivery may cause a condition known as cranial compression which affects the ability of the skull to fully recover from the natural distortion of the skull causing the baby to experience discomfort and possibly leading to a number of functional problems.

By diagnosing, managing and treating problems associated with growth, osteopath Helen How is is able to play a large part in laying the foundations for children to become fit and healthy adults.

Is Osteopathic Treatment Safe For Babies and Children?

Osteopathy for children is one of the few “alternative” treatments which is recognised by Healthcare Professionals and many midwives are now recommending osteopathic treatments such as cranial osteopathy as a way of quickly and safely treating problems such as glue ear, plagiocephaly, a flat or oddly shaped head and suckling and feeding difficulties.

The most common osteopathic treatment used on babies and small children is cranial osteopathy as it is a very gentle and delicate form of ostopathy. Edinburgh osteopath Helen How has pioneered a gentle rocking technique which quickly calms and soothes restlessness in babies during the treatment and which can also help with difficulties in feeding.

Each of these treatments is designed to correct and realign a different aspect of the body’s mechanical structure enabling the body to stimulate its own healing processes, helping to ensure the health and wellbeing of your baby and contributing to the bonding process between parent and child.

Traditional Osteopathy can be used to treat a range of conditions including:


Glue Ear


Neck PainPlagiocephaly, Flat/ Oddly Shaped Head

Patient Feedback

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"Just wanted to say thanks for fixing F last week. One treatment and she was sorted. She has never had such great results and I am so grateful given her complicated health. Being in NZ makes me feel a little helpless, so I can’t express how grateful I am to know she was in such capable hands. Thank you. "

Stacey, Edinburgh