An Incredible Osteopath & A Great Healer

I came to Helen with a lower back problem that had been bothering me for over a year and getting worse. She conducted a complete assessment and found my symptoms to indicate gluteal tendinopathy. I was happy to try out an initial session of shock wave therapy to see if it could settle things down and limit the restrictions to my normal range of activities.

With follow up sessions there has been a steady improvement to my condition and slowly I have been able to increase the length of time I am able to walk, lie down, swim or stand comfortably. I had modest expectations of what shock wave therapy could achieve but have been impressed by its non-invasive approach to speed up the healing of soft tissue which I supported with a small exercise plan.

Above all though, the most helpful aspect of my treatment was the amount of information Helen referred me to in order to place my condition and its treatment in context. I hadn’t expected there to be a community of discussion around tendinopathy affecting different parts of the body, but finding out about a growing body of research shared among professionals through conferences and video tutorials helped reassure me that there was a real possibility of an improvement for me rather than accepting the increasing limitations I had been dealing with.

Helen is an incredibly kind and generous osteopath who treated me with close attention on every visit and her approach to dealing with my condition has produced steady progressive results through a combination of shock wave therapy and a small exercise programme that was easy to fit into my everyday routine and build on. I am delighted to recommend her to family and friends and feel she is an inspiring osteopath who sets a high standard for the constant and continuing development of her knowledge and practice as a professional.

Mali Edinburgh

An Incredible Osteopath & A Great Healer