Osteopathic Treatment : Very Effective Treatment at a Very Reasonable Cost

I have been going to Helen for over 18 months now and have been delighted with the results. With Helen’s flexible and non pressured approach to treatments I am able to attend more frequently when I am having most discomfort and less often when I want to be kept ticking over.

I have had really bad problems with neck and shoulders, lower back and sacro-iliac joint dysfunction. Over the years I have had various forms of treatment from different private health care therapists. These treatments have been expensive, wi th extremely short appointments and in the long term were ineffective.

Helen’s treatments by contrast are half an hour or an hour long and have been extremely effective. While my condition has not vanished it is manageable and I no longer have any periods of chronic pain as I have done in the past.

The combination of traditional osteopathic manipulation and massage techniques that Helen uses alongside use of her flexomatic massage machine and the electrotherapy has been a great combination for me, allowing not only realignment but also recovery of the muscles and tissues that have been inflamed in my problem areas.

Most recently I have also been pregnant and Helen has been great at working around this and helping with some new pregnancy related conditions for example severe headaches which have responded well to her cranial osteopathy treatment.

Overall I’m delighted I found Helen and not only is she a great osteopath but she is also always very kind and welcoming.

K Bryson, Edinburgh


Osteopathic Treatment : Very Effective Treatment at a Very Reasonable Cost