An Absolute Life Saver – Cured My Slipped Disc in One Session

I feel if there was ever a time i really regret is the time i didnt take out to commend Helen and write a review on how this lady absolutely gave me absolute freedom from my pain and suffering. So as the saying goes now better late than never.

A few years back I alongside my family were visiting a country park and were having a blast up until the point i fell on my back from a flying fox around 15 ft off the ground, the pain was instant and so was the damage. I caused a slipped disc if i remember it as my L3 and i was in agony.

Doctors prescribed cocodomal and after 4 days i was on gabapentin and was seeking physio through the private channels as i was getting no joy via the nhs. I visited some massive mainstream clinics who recommended a minimum of 10 sessions and we were talking in excess of 500-600 pounds which for my health and to be free from my suffering, i was happy to part with until i thought i should seek out 1 more clinic to review my case.

I found the How Osteopathic Clinic on google, made the appointment with Helen and my wife took me along, I still remember that day well because I entered her clinic with a little apprehension and L shaped because I was unable to straighten my back and my apprehension was had I made a mistake coming here because it looked like someones part time retreat and i needed sorted.

Helen was very attentive, listened to my story and after her analysis said that i would need 1 or maybe 2 sessions tops, really!!!!! Is this lady for real, until she started to work her magic, I walked straight for the first time in a 6 week period out of her clinic with a new learned knowledge on back care(thanks to the videos i watched while she worked on my back).

Did I require that second visit, no, i really couldnt believe it and have Helen to thank for it for her sincerity and absolute fantastic knowledge and skill in her craft. So if this does not go a long way in convincing you to visit this super skilled individual then i dont know what will, thanks once again Helen and as i mentioned at the beginning im sorry i didnt write this sooner.

Faz Hamid

An Absolute Life Saver – Cured My Slipped Disc in One Session