I visited Helen a week and a half ago in severe pain, with what the GP had told me was sciatica. Within 5 minutes of being examined, Helen diagnosed the problem. The issue was with my hip and glutes and she instantly started me on a session of shock wave therapy. Within a day and a half of the treatment the pain diminished from severe to an intermittent dull ache, I also stopped all the heavy pain relief prescribed by the doctor.

I went for a follow-up session today and again had more shock wave therapy, followed by manipulation. When I stood up, for the first time in over a year I was properly aligned. I feel amazing! Shock wave therapy is the future and should be widely available to all. As I said, I can’t believe the turnaround that I have had in such a short space of time, it feels like a miracle has happened. Thank you so much Helen!!

Angela Chambers


The Latest Addition To Helen’s Repetoire

Today Helen gave me a introduction to her new Chattanooga Intel RPW, otherwise nicknamed ‘dialect’ because of the noise it makes. And I had incredible instant relief to the inflamed muscles in my neck, shoulder and chest area. The machine its self is safe, and I felt totally in control because Helen started my treatment on the lowest settings and listened to my directions throughout. I experienced two experts at work, the Chattanooga Intel RPW and Helen of course. Thanks a million.

Leila Nelson


Delaying Hip Replacement Surgery