Edinburgh Osteopath: Life back after Patella Tendinopathy

After years of debilitating knee pain, I was diagnosed with patella tendinopathy. I had tried everything but nothing was helping, and the hospital did’nt recommend, the only treatment they could offer me.

By the time I visited Helen and her wonderful machines in 2012, I was having to use a stick for anything much more than a walk to my car. I couldn’t kneel, run even a few steps, do yoga or walk any distance. As an ex elite athlete in my younger days, and more recently a keen gardener and hill walker this was awful…..

After a few months of treatment I was already much better. I can now go for walks again, garden and do gentle yoga and generally be active and on my feet for good lengths of time. I can even kneel again and last summer managed to kick a ball around with a 10 year old friend, which felt pretty amazing!
In this time I have also had a grade 2 ankle sprain which healed beautifully with Helen’s help.
I can’t recommend her highly enough…..Thank you Helen.

J Christie


Edinburgh Osteopath: Life back after Patella Tendinopathy