Headache Free After Only 2 Treatments

Having experienced daily headaches for nearly 5 months I visited Helen and received treatment with the shock wave therapy machine. I was symptom free for about a week afterwards but following my second treatment a fortnight later my headaches cleared almost completely.

Previously I had been taking 6-8 painkillers a day and now due to the success of the treatment I am no longer taking painkillers. Helen was able to loosen off the extreme muscle tightness in my shoulders and neck.

In addition she has also made a vast improvement to my plantar fasciitis which I have had for a number of years and had been limiting my mobility and causing pain and discomfort. I am now walking for an hour each morning. Thank you so much Helen for your marvellous machine and excellent treatment.

Katrina Stewart, Edinburgh

Headache Free After Only 2 Treatments