Ripped Hamstring Cured in Two Visits

I have been a patient of Helen’s for some years now and have always been extremely pleased with the wide range of treatments on offer. Helen has never failed to to bring immediate relief from painful symptoms and to provide a long-term sustainable management of issues related to my neck, shoulder, hands and most recently my leg.

Having sprawled like Bambi on a slippery floor I sustained a ripped hamstring which resulted in extreme pain, horrendous bruising from the buttock to the mid calf, and an inability to stand, walk, sit or sleep with any degree of comfort. Despite hospital treatment, a visit to the GP, and a visit to a local physio in the Borders where I now live, I was in a pretty wretched state.

Virtually crawling into Helen’s she exclaimed I know what you need and introduced me to her new shock wave machine which blasts away dispelling the blood from the torn muscle and encouraging rapid healing of tissue whilst, at the same time, promoting the production of collagen. I walked out like a new woman!! After just two treatments my symptoms had vanished including the horrendous bruise.

I am vey grateful to Helen not only for her excellent treatment but also for staying abreast of new technology on behalf of her patients. She’s a ‘wonder woman’ in my eyes!

Elaine Morris, Edinburgh

Ripped Hamstring Cured in Two Visits