Helen treats hamstrings with shock waves machine too!

Further to my previous two postings, I find myself needing to rave about Helen again. Despite Helen always using various methods during my treatments she managed to surprise me a few days before Christmas with something different and highly effective.

I had extremely painful lower back muscle spasms which meant I could not sit, sleep etc and once she had worked on this area (which was fantastic) she gently raised one leg at a time whilst I was lying on my back. Then once on my front she used her shock waves on my hamstrings. I had not realised how tight they were – yikes, they were tight! After a short time of this treatment the leg raises were done again and they went so high they were like new legs!!

I absolutely loved the results of the shock waves machine before but I found myself declaring extremely loudly it was an early Christmas miracle! How did I not know that lower back pain can tighten hamstrings when I have experienced so many episodes of back pain and problems? No matter, Helen not only knew but treated me with the best of resources. Helen’s assurance that the healing would continue for a few days afterwards came to pass so each day has seen great recovery and I can now sit to write this post with immense gratitude.

Thank you once again Helen with the magic machines.


Helen treats hamstrings with shock waves machine too!